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Jumblaya! #1, my minicomic anthology, is out now!

It's 52 pages of fun at…
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You can now get t-shirts design by yours truly at:…

Galactic Junkyard by inkwellian Mission From God by inkwellian

These designs, plus others from

I hope you like them. Thanks!
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Touche by inkwellian Kawaii or Bust by inkwellian

I've been doing these quick little comics lately that I'm calling "Tactless Comics." It's been such fun, I decided to make 'em more official-like.

So now they have their own website to call home:

It's a subdomain of my other comic ZooDotCom, be sure to check it out too!
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Thanks everyone for the comments and favorites!

Also, thank for the llamas -- I assume that it's a compliment, and not that you want to spit on me. :-)

(While I've had an account here for awhile, I've only recently started posting here more often, so I'm still getting up to speed with stuff.)
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Hey everybody, you can get my design "Mission From God" as a t-shirt for $10, today only from RIPT:

Mission From God by inkwellian
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My shirt design "Galactic Junkyard" is available, today only, at RIPT apparel!

It's only $10, so in addition to being a rocking shirt, it'd make a great gift!
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Well, it's a new weekend, so it's time for a new Shirt.Woot entry! This week's derby theme is "Sun".

My shirt design is called "Van Gogh on Prozac":

What if Vincent Van Gogh had been on antidepressants? Perhaps instead of painting "Starry Night", he would have painted "Sunny Day" (complete with a smiling sun — Prozac is strong stuff).

If you like it, please vote for it!
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