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Jumblaya! #1, my minicomic anthology, is out now!

It's 52 pages of fun at…
You can now get t-shirts design by yours truly at:…

Galactic Junkyard by inkwellian Mission From God by inkwellian

These designs, plus others from

I hope you like them. Thanks!
Touche by inkwellian Kawaii or Bust by inkwellian

I've been doing these quick little comics lately that I'm calling "Tactless Comics." It's been such fun, I decided to make 'em more official-like.

So now they have their own website to call home:

It's a subdomain of my other comic ZooDotCom, be sure to check it out too!
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Thanks everyone for the comments and favorites!

Also, thank for the llamas -- I assume that it's a compliment, and not that you want to spit on me. :-)

(While I've had an account here for awhile, I've only recently started posting here more often, so I'm still getting up to speed with stuff.)
Hey everybody, you can get my design "Mission From God" as a t-shirt for $10, today only from RIPT:

Mission From God by inkwellian
My shirt design "Galactic Junkyard" is available, today only, at RIPT apparel!

It's only $10, so in addition to being a rocking shirt, it'd make a great gift!
Well, it's a new weekend, so it's time for a new Shirt.Woot entry! This week's derby theme is "Sun".

My shirt design is called "Van Gogh on Prozac":

What if Vincent Van Gogh had been on antidepressants? Perhaps instead of painting "Starry Night", he would have painted "Sunny Day" (complete with a smiling sun — Prozac is strong stuff).

If you like it, please vote for it!
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